Verint Summer School 2017

It’s the holiday season again, and long may it last!

If it’s a little quieter in the office this August, why not sign up for our series of webinars on Customer and Employee Engagement, Analytics, Workforce Optimisation and Compliance?

Find out how you and your organisation can improve your direct and digital customer and employee engagement.

Tuesday 1st August
12:00 GMT

Quality Management: Live Debate on the Latest Trends and Best Practice

Peter Baikie, Senior Business Consultant, Verint EMEA & Hayley Binns, Solutions Consultant Verint

Wednesday 2nd August
10:00 GMT

Right Work, Right Time, Right Person, Right Outcome with Workforce Allocation Manager

Graeme Gabriel, Strategic Workforce Optimisation Consultant Verint EMEA & Alan Gates, Engagement Management Verint EMEA

Thursday 3rd August
10:00 GMT

Workforce Optimisation: What’s New, and What’s Next?

Tony DeGruttola, Director of Solutions Consulting EMEA

Tuesday 8th August
10:00 GMT

Harnessing the Power of Employee Engagement

Graeme Gabriel, Strategic Workforce Optimisation Consultant EMEA

Wednesday 9th August
12:00 GMT

If You Build it, Will They Come? How to Drive Knowledge Adoption

Brad Bannwart, Lead Knowledge Management Consultant

Thursday 10th August
10:00 GMT

How Desktop Analytics and Robotic Process Automation Can Improve Your Productivity

Alex Fischer, Director Enterprise WFO Practice EMEA

Tuesday 15th August
12:00 GMT

Digital Voice of Customer – Richer Insights, Better Business Outcomes

Brian Koma, Vice President, Customer Experience Business Strategy & Karen Gliwa, Vice President of Insights at OpinionLab

Wednesday 16th August
10:00 GMT

The Ultimate Customer Service Super Power: Combining Speech Insights and Meta Data

Alex Fischer, Director Enterprise WFO Practice EMEA

Thursday 17th August
10:00 GMT

Digital Tipping Point: How to Balance Digital and Human Transformation to Survive

Marije Gould, VP of Marketing Verint EMEA

Tuesday 22nd August
10:00 GMT

Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection: What’s New, and What’s Next?

Alex Clay, Consultant Verint EMEA

Wednesday 23rd August
10:00 GMT

Security & Compliance - Meeting Global Financial Compliance Regulations

Jamie Williams, VP of Enterprise Recording, Engineering, Verint EMEA

Thursday 24th August
10:00 GMT

GDPR and How Technology can Help you Comply with the New Regulations

Robert Barnes, Global Vice President, Product Strategy, Verint

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Week 1 - Workforce Optimisation
Week 2 - Employee Engagement
Week 3 - Voice of the Customer
Week 4 - Security, Fraud & Compliance
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