With 66% of contact center workers disengaged and so much change afoot these days, it’s time to consider new ways to empower and motivate them. Self-service popularity and effectiveness is on the rise, preventing many simple inquiries from ever reaching the contact center. This means that each time a customer does reach out, the issue is especially challenging. What’s more, the profile of a contact center agent has also changed dramatically, with many millennial employees seeking more meaningful work and a suitable work/life balance. How can your contact center stay poised for success in the future with all of this change?

In this webinar, led by Verint experts on this topic, you’ll learn tips to stay ready for what’s next with empowered employees and intelligent automation in addition to:

  • How to simplify complex customer service interactions
  • How modernized tools help you attract, retain and motivate employees
  • How automation can reduce costs and boost productivity