Enterprises who have deployed Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) have scored a 25% increase in sales, a 44% reduction in operating costs, and realized a 5x ROI within the first 9 months. IVAs are HOT because they have proven to deliver exceptional results in live deployments-if done right.

But if you lose sight of the bigger engagement and self-service challenges you're trying to solve, you could get burned.

Join guest, Ian Jacobs of Forrester Research, as he has a conversation with two digital leaders who have implemented IVAs: Monica Chartier of Dell and James Donohue of Novo Nordisk. The webinar topics include:

  • Insights and market trends from Forrester
  • Strategies and results from Dell and Novo Nordisk
  • Solutions to empower customers through more intelligent self-service
  • Lessons learned from deploying an IVA and its important role in the larger self-service strategy
  • Tips on how to avoid getting burned by a hot technology