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Knowledge Management Edition

Ask the Experts – Knowledge Management Edition
On-Demand Webinar | Duration: 60mins

Our 'Ask the Experts – Knowledge Management Edition’ webinar was designed to provide a forum for our audience to submit their specific and pressing KM questions directly to our panel of experts.

The Q&A content for this webinar was shaped by and based on the questions submitted during the registration process and during the live event, to which the presenters provided real-time insight and commentary.

View this no-nonsense Q&A style webinar and learn:

  • Insights and examples of how KM supports the multi-generational workplace and marketplace
  • Tips, tricks and best practices for leveraging knowledge management to empower agents and improve customer engagement
  • Thoughts and commentary on your specific knowledge management questions

Register below to access the 'Ask the Experts' on-demand webinar:

Meet the Experts


VP, Global Solutions Marketing
Verint Systems

Meet the Experts


Sr. Practice Director, KM Strategy
Verint Systems

Meet the Experts


Director Solutions Marketing
Verint Systems