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Webinar: Unify Your Teams – Strengthen Customer Relationships

Unify Your Teams – Strengthen Customer Relationships
Thursday, August 27 – 10:00 a.m.  PT / 1:00 p.m. ET

Your Marketing, Customer Experience, and Operations teams each play a role in engaging customers and delivering outstanding experiences. But if they operate independently and don’t coordinate their efforts, they might be contributing to high effort for your customers and a disjointed brand message.

It’s time to get unified! Join this interactive session to learn how today’s analytics solutions can help you deliver better, more consistent customer experiences. Verint® experts will offer practical insight into how analytics can drive brand richer experiences and seamless interactions, even in complex, omnichannel service scenarios. You’ll learn:

  • How customer analytics is evolving and driving change in the enterprise.
  • Why a programmatic approach can bring greater collaboration and value across teams.
  • How customer journey mapping can help cross-functional teams respond to changing customer needs.

Attend this session on Thursday, August 27 and learn how you can bridge the gaps between functional areas, leverage data more effectively, and build stronger—and more profitable—customer relationships.


Alain Stephan
Global Vice President, Customer Analytics



Brian Koma
Vice President and Customer Experience Practice Leader




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